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Wow. You people really have NO lives if the only thing you can do is bash on bands. SO what if you dont like them. Other people do. And you say they wine about their horrible lives "all the time"? Two songs out of over 30. Wow. That is just WAY too much. Anyway. I don't care if other people don't like Simple Plan (Which is my second favorite band), but it is just plain mean to talk trash about them. And do you even know what they went through in their lives? Have you met them? DOUBT IT. If you guys hate them soo much, then why do you guys know their song? Seriously don't be such a fucking hypocrite. Obviously enough people like them or else they wouldn't be around anymore. And they have to have talent or else they wouldn't have gotten a record deal. SO stfu.
ME: So what's up?

Stupid Kid: Oh, nothing just listening to Simple plan, who I hate and bashing bands like them and Good Charlotte on Urban Dictionary.

Me: *walks over, shoves kid out of their chair, walks out of room*
by SuckmyDuck26 August 29, 2010
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