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A word from Punjabi slang used in South Asian countries mainly in Pakistan and India. It means Hurray or bulls eye or something to express happiness.
My team won the cricket match, Harrippa!!
by Keutykat January 23, 2010
A French Canadian pop punk band based in Montréal, Québec. They have released three studio albums. A lot of people criticize them for whining about how fucking their life is. I don't think they do that. They just try to give neglected people hope that's all.

The only reason why they are hated is that one so called ''cool guy'' hates them for some reason or the other and the rest of the people follow them. They are a great band with great songs and 'clear' voice. You can understand what they are actually saying without checking the lyrics! That is also a reason for them to be hated.
Guy 1,''Whatcha doing mate?!''
Guy 2,'' Listening to Simple Plan's Welcome To My Life.''
Guy 1,'' That's a piece of shit! They always whine how horrible their life is!''
Guy2,''Fuck off man, what do you know?''
by Keutykat July 20, 2009
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