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The way to protect yourself from everything from nuclear attacks to volcano explosions in the mid 20th century.
:Oh my God the soviets are attacking!!!
:Have no fear, just duck and cover.
(Boom, boom)
:Wow, thanks.
:Wanna go to the malt shop?...
by this is retarded April 04, 2006
a sex position that involves a man ducking under a woman's legs and covering his head by inserting it gently into a woman's vagina for a period of time
i became dizzy after i performed a duck and cover on my girl last night
by gayqui June 09, 2006
An excessively risky sexual maneuver performed between a man and women or, alternatively, a man and man whilst operating a motor vehicle. In a role reversal of the classic 'road head' the vehicles operator 'ducks' into the passengers lap to perform felatio whilst the passenger 'covers' (ie; takes control of the steering mechanism) until climax and/or satisfaction has been reached.
John's taste for adventure and living life on the edge was, in the end, his ultimate undoing as he was receiving a 'duck and cover' when his vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic.
by joeleonotron March 11, 2012