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When one of your close friends acts shy around you for no appearent reason

Make a fist, Poke your thumb out of the middle of the four fingers and slowly withdraw it.
"Sonny sits at our table everyday but doesnt say shit"
"Thats a shy turtle"

Make a fist, Poke your thumb
by Wooplah April 24, 2009
When you let a little bit of shit come out, and then squat over someone's face, smearing your shit around a bit.

Then withdraw the poop back into your ass, like a shy turtle.
When Matt and Nick were younger, Matt used to shy turtle Nick in his sleep.
by River and Hannah May 03, 2009
A shy turtle is the awkward occurrence of a terd that pokes its head out of the anus (shell) but then pulls it in readily at any attempt to defecate it. As a result, this means visiting the dunny numerous times with no apparent luck.
Bob: Geez Billy, you eat some bad curry last night?
Billy: I wish Bob, I’ve been wrestling a shy turtle all morning and can’t catch the mongrel
by Grad2000 March 08, 2011
When a male's penis shrinks to the point of almost going back inside the cavity from which it came. The balls act as a visual representation of the tortoise shell and the head of the penis as, you guessed it, the head of the turtle.
Man did you see Hank's wiener? It looked like a fuckin shy turtle!
by BSuraci October 28, 2006