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Mispelling of "turd". Along the same lines as "rheatard", "reetard", "masterbate", and "your" when not used correctly in a sentence.
Neglected pre-pubescent turds can't spell this sentence right if it was read to them.
by The Observer May 06, 2003
THe substance that drops out of your anus and brings great relief. Although sometimes it can cause pain, the after affect is very soothing and relaxing
Oh yea, I just terded
you terded
That was a most exellent terding session
by The King Terder October 09, 2003
The chocolate choo choo train
Damn the chocolate choo choo came out my ass
by phatcat April 08, 2003
Terd, unlike Turd, is actually a very small piece of fecal matter. It is generally about the size of a raisin (little bigger) and is a rarity among fecal matter. Even more rare than the watery shit know as diarrhea or "fountain shit" as its known in my house. Terds are usually discovered days after coming into existence and are usually hardened by then and can be handled by hand used for practical jokes.
Dad, which dish is for grandma?

The one with the terd in it.
by superrmonkeyball April 28, 2010
Slang for buttered; a means of serving cafenated beverages with a buttered glass. This quaint method of drink decanting originates from the outlying areas of Northern Ireland, where it remains popular to this day. The glass is lightly coated with a thin layer of butter before the beverage is added, this gives the drink a fuller flavour and a slightly oily film on the surface of the liquid.
Barkeep, a coke 'terd my good man.
by John Devlin February 03, 2008
Terd is a reference to "small smelly annoying shits" that usually comes out after eating chili. Basically raisin shit.
wow tommy is such a terd!
by Terdinator May 27, 2014
noun; misspelling of "turd," common among busters who look like Willow.
You know that sound when a terd breaks the toilet water and dives deep?

That reminds me of you.
by Tower trash November 02, 2014
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