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perhaps the worst idealogy coined by cheesy politicians. Its best explained as "Do not lie,cheat, or steal and do not tolerate those who do.....". Wow
Pennsylvania values, shmensylvania shmalues
by BSuraci October 30, 2006
An member of a high school or college marching band.
Pepe: Yo man....You know who I think is hot?
Pepe: Jen
Gaylord: EWE! Dude, she's a fuckin FLUTE FRUIT!
Pepe: Ahhhhh nnooooo way...she cant be a band tard!
Gaylord: Yeah and she prolly has herpes too.....
by BSuraci October 26, 2006
A descriptive adjective used to describe the sensation of being high on drugs in particular cannabis, cocaine, and ecstacy.
Yoooooooo dude.......This shit's got me seein 3D!
by BSuraci October 25, 2006
When a male's penis shrinks to the point of almost going back inside the cavity from which it came. The balls act as a visual representation of the tortoise shell and the head of the penis as, you guessed it, the head of the turtle.
Man did you see Hank's wiener? It looked like a fuckin shy turtle!
by BSuraci October 28, 2006
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