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Used to describe a person who enjoys tripping on 'shrooms. Usually accompanied by stories of "how far gone" they were during a recent trip. Also usually has mushroom paraphernilia, like blacklight-sensitive posters of 'shrooms, in their home. Normally can't sit still for long and laughs too much at something that might not even be funny.

(Noteworthy point: A "shroomer" is not a person with a 'mushroom-looking haircut'. Only a fuckhead or somebody from Michigan would come up with that.)
Jack: "What the hell is Tim doing on top of the house?"
Chris: "It's ok, he's a shroomer. He's probably just getting away from the jackals on the ground or some snakes were chasing him, or maybe it just feels really nice up there, who knows."
Jack: "Fuckin' shroomers, always going apeshit. I wonder if he has any more left!? I wanna trip out too now, damn!"
by KevinH112 August 18, 2009
Someone with a mushroom or bowl cut. Usually used in an insulting or derogatory way,
That goddamn little five year old shroomer is such a pain in the ass.
by Flippy the Skinhead July 05, 2004