In between first base & second base; nakedness.
Girl #1: me and ben went to shortstop last night!

Girl #2: whats shortstop?

by ATLCA August 21, 2010
The optional step between second and third base involving serious videochatting.
Chet: Dude, I heard you got to shortstop with Veronica.
Bret: Yeah we videochatted allllllll night.
by ScrubClub5 August 11, 2010
A defecation in the front portion of the toilet bowl so that when flushed, the water is unable to push the feces down the toilet. For a male to execute, the penis and testicles must be placed in front of the seat while defecating.

After a crazy party at his house John went to use the restroom, only to find that someone had left a shortstop in his toilet.
by Phylliss February 20, 2008
In collaboration with the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st base, and Homerun terms for interaction with a partner. Shortstop is the area inbetween right before 2nd base, that includes (but is not limited to):

-Intense making out (including tounge)
-Hands on the ass, or up the others shirt, but not touching any thing (on purpose)
-hands running through hair
-rolling around on the floor
-making a scene in public

It is best NOT to do this public, unless its lonely there.
"Ya dude, she says that only her moms gonna be home, so we gotta stay on shortstop."
by Jar-Man August 03, 2008
1)My nikname!
2)Tomas!!! Named me Short-stop (good times)!!
3)Shortstopz drunken n drugged up times.
4)Canterbury !!!!!!!
5)Short-stop loves life!!!!!!!!
"Yes Short-stop!, That statue has got a big nose!"
by Short-stop January 14, 2008
1. A fool , a coward or an easily deceived person.

2. To suddenly stop someone from moving or carrying on with what they are doing.

3. A short person.
Dont shortstop me cause you don't wanna see me succeed.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 05, 2008
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