A girl who likes small dicks. Will never go with big dicks.
Matt: Dude she won't have sex with me because "it's" too big.

Pat: I know what a short stop.
by Stifford April 22, 2009
It refers to people who make and/or take stupid risks. This slang term is greatly used on the East Coast.
Don't worry shortstop we on our way.
---METHOD MAN (from the movie, Belly)

This is referring to T-Boz pulling a gun on Method Man. Then all of a sudden his boys pulled all they guns on her.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 30, 2005
This term is used to describe any single woman who is deemed capable of forming a sexual bond (long or short term).
Young man arriving at bar: "Yo, are there any good shortstops available?"

Young man already at bar: "Nah, just a couple of Alex Cora's and a Bobby Crosby."
by Theo Epstein April 20, 2004
inbetween the 3rd and homerun...dry sex in other words; humping eachother without clothes on...NOT sex
1st..2nd..3rd..short stop...homerun
by *SoFaKiNg* April 19, 2004
Where a midget spins on his/her forehead under you, while you shit all over them as they pick it up and eat it.
Hey baby you wanna short stop in here, you got some leg room.
by Elliot T December 07, 2007

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