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a huge vagina that prefers it in the ass
I want to go to game, but Tim is being a crosby.
by Jim Lance April 02, 2008
1) as in Sidney Crosby 2) a synonym for stupid, gay, or unfair for no apparent reason.
1) I hate snow. It's so Crosby.
2) The referee is being so Crosby!
by Anita Ovalchuk March 07, 2009
1.A very degrading term that basically means you a whiny little bitch.

2.Cry baby

3. Suck at life
John: Hey did you see that kid cry because i got away with a slash

Alex: ya hes such a crosby
by imfuckingovechkin October 14, 2011
Nasty, not attractive. Maybe needs a deep cleaning shower.
That chick is hella crosby, no way i would get at her.
by lovelynative March 24, 2011
a person who is known to slap people for saying obnoxious crap. "Crosby"s are loving and caring individuals who aren't afraid to put you in your place. They also enjoy pistachio nuts.
Don't act ridiculous! That's a crosby right there.
by anto1511 March 23, 2010
A frequently ginger-haired individual who shows up to hang out uninvited, leave their snack crumbs all over the furniture, and torture your poor innocent couches and chairs for extended amounts of time. Crosbys like to say "Yea ill come along" to parties etc. and then bitch out at the last second with excuses like "Im too gay to have fun". The crosby's only natural enemies are the Sun and actually have to move their fat ass. Beware of crosbys as they will try to be your friend, but ill only ever act like a leech literally sucking the life out of you.
Guy1: Holy shit!!1 Its a Crosby!! Run!

Guy2: Its ok, he's already winded, we have at least 4 days.
by GingersSuck23 May 04, 2011
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