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1960's British slang for a handgun. The sort of thing you would have heard in Get Carter (the orginianal, not that shit stallone remake).
Get that shooter out of your pocket and give it 'ere before you blow your bollocks off!
by Kung-fu Jesus July 31, 2004
(Plural) Shooters

(Proper Noun) An alcoholic shot that is made in a martini mixer and that contains 75% mixer and 25% of selected alcohol. Typically made with Vodka, Clear Rum, Gin, or Clear Tequila. Typically mixed with assorted Juices, Sweet and Sour, Grenadine or triple sec.
- "Who's ready for some shooters?!"
by stamina123 February 06, 2010
A place where Indian men go trying to find wives
"Lets head to Shooters" said by Sunjay
by mia knigge September 24, 2009
Sexy avatar on Second Life who has dated practically every woman over 60.
Shooter dated everyone in Second Life. What a lucky guy!
by Amaris1 January 03, 2012
Name given to a device which is used to smoke marijuana...like a bong.
'link me dat shooter, i want to cream a phatty'
by A Dutty Bludclat November 06, 2008
pumpin beats in your ride with a solid girl ridin shots!
by sic_italian July 28, 2003
its like a small bowl of weed, but you light the weed and splendidly cook it as you toke gently then when the weed is completely cherried you suck all that gracious herbal goodness right in and clear that mother fucking BONG!
margaret hit a SHOOTER, margaret got high, margaret hit another SHOOTER, margaret got ripped, margaret is the shit
by eunice patrick whut whut August 15, 2010