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Young & Dangerous was considered the most active Vietnamese street gang in San Jose, CA in 1999-2002. There were considerably over 200 active members in the Bay Area alone.
Look at those YD guys.
by akljsdklasdkjaksdhasd July 03, 2009
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acronym for YorkDale, a sik mall in Toronto that carries all the brands you could ever imagine.
Wanna go watch a movie at YD?
by Angela April 23, 2005
A serious mental disorder that the person who has can only do stuff if they yearn to do it. This disorder was first discovered in the anime, "Ultimate Otaku Teacher". Since then, many people have diagnosed themselves with it.
Bill: Wanna go see that movie with me?

Jessica: I can't, I have YD.

Bill: You don't yearn to see that particular movie?

Jessica: No, I don't yearn to see it with you.
by That_Monster_Frisbee December 11, 2015
Used like the smiley XD, only for pirating people. Mostly used by openly honest pirates.
HAHAHA Great idea YD
by Q-Time May 27, 2016
Why did
Q. yd brad cream his pants?

A. beacuse he put a baby in the microwave
by brads a dick February 09, 2009
used to be an abbreviation for "your default".

it is usually used to make fun of people, because they look stupid.
alex, yd is very weird.
by hctibjtjtjt April 21, 2009
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