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a female with a nice booty
" damn that lil mama over there got a shooter"
by furuquedeen abdul December 25, 2008
The person rolling the dice in a game of craps.
Four's your line, shooter.

C'mon, now, shooter, let's see the hard eight.
by I love sharkgina October 07, 2006
The guy/girl at a party thats giving away their shots to people.
I wish i brought alcohol to this party!" "Hey don't worry theres a SHOOTER over there!
by guy with grabbers n shooters October 15, 2010
A total F*%king badass, all the time, all day and everyone else knows it.
That guy just chugged 18 beers, and banged a girl while doing it, what a shooter.

A tornado was heading towards my house, so I called a shooter to come handle it.
by GreaseMO May 10, 2010
A shooting pain deep inside your colon, that causes so much pain you are influenced to squirm or clench your ass.
"I got a shooter", my buddy yells. Then he starts to squirm in his car seat and needs someone else to control the steering wheel.
by Stu Lizfuhn February 27, 2009
a person who sells marajuana, AKA weed.
'you smoke weed?' 'yeah, you a shooter? i need some'
by flanndogg October 09, 2008
In old school slang terms, a "shooter" was a photographer.

But,that slang died out because photographers didnt want the bad image.
"Kid shooters", "Portrait shooters", "Sports Shooters"
by dontarguewithme December 14, 2007