These guys point their thumbs up and index fingers out like guns and "shoot" at you, usually while saying "heeeeyyyy" (think a douchebag who wishes he was The Fonz). They are often spotted in douchey clubs, with either gelled or really curly hair.
a shooter (aka douchebag) in a long black leather jacket walks into the bar, spots someone he hasn't seen in a while across the room, and walks over going, "Heeeyyy....", while smiling a big fake smile and "shooting" his fingers toward the person...
by snarky mcsnarkerson November 21, 2009
A shooting pain deep inside your colon, that causes so much pain you are influenced to squirm or clench your ass.
"I got a shooter", my buddy yells. Then he starts to squirm in his car seat and needs someone else to control the steering wheel.
by Stu Lizfuhn February 27, 2009
when a guy spooges in a condom and another person puts it to their mouth and snaps it like a balloon in to their mouth, just like a shot glass! Slurp slurp!
A guy cums in a condom and another person shoots it into their mouth like a wrist rocket! Bottoms up! That's a shooter!
by Freaky white girl December 04, 2008
a person who sells marajuana, AKA weed.
'you smoke weed?' 'yeah, you a shooter? i need some'
by flanndogg October 09, 2008
A total F*%king badass, all the time, all day and everyone else knows it.
That guy just chugged 18 beers, and banged a girl while doing it, what a shooter.

A tornado was heading towards my house, so I called a shooter to come handle it.
by GreaseMO May 10, 2010
A person known on the airsoft field of battle as a BB Slayer. Known for owning fools with epic head-shots, Shooting Skull masked Children who play to much COD: MW2
Did you hear that... THWACK oh crap its shooter...

Did you see that Shooter, BOOM HEADSHOT!
by Airsoft Guru March 08, 2010
Device used to smoke meth and crack with.It consists of a glass tube with some sort of mesh on the inside to catch ash and to help "cake" the inside with residue from the drug of choice.
I took 2 hits off the shooter last nite.

Got your shooter,i got some go fast we can smoke.?
by Eckstahsee December 19, 2003
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