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Device used to smoke meth and crack with.It consists of a glass tube with some sort of mesh on the inside to catch ash and to help "cake" the inside with residue from the drug of choice.
I took 2 hits off the shooter last nite.

Got your shooter,i got some go fast we can smoke.?
by Eckstahsee December 19, 2003
A flaming nugget of Marijuana that "shoots" down into the water resevoir.
Often seen when the bowl is nearly cashed.
"Dad,How can you tell when the bong is ready to clear?
"When you see the shooters Timmy"
"Thanks Pop!"
by Taternuts February 13, 2006
the place where the shit exits the ur body
o man my shooter hurts like mad after i just had that giant dump
by Blaze453 January 22, 2007
1.someone who is leet and above cal-o will never go back!
2. someone who is awesome!
3. someone who eats cheese
brady is a shooter
by shoooter July 17, 2003
An exclamation that means the same thing as "shoot" or "shit"; meant to be said in an extremely obnoxious way
"Oh SHOOTERS I forgot my biology test is tomorrow!"
by Manabanana April 11, 2007
A person who is gay;
also queer
Shooter loves the cock
by mullato July 20, 2003