A flaming nugget of Marijuana that "shoots" down into the water resevoir.
Often seen when the bowl is nearly cashed.
"Dad,How can you tell when the bong is ready to clear?
"When you see the shooters Timmy"
"Thanks Pop!"
by Taternuts February 13, 2006
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A type of spirit with high alcohol content, typically 70+ proof (35%+ alcohol by volume), which is drank in "shots", typically 1-1.5 ounces.
I don't feel like beer tonight, get some shooters instead.
by Ogre December 10, 2004
Name for a friend that "has your back". Another word for "blood brother" used like "niggas" or other terms of brotherhood.
Where my shooters at? I don't see my shooters, are they late?
by Doug. October 27, 2003
UK crime slang

A gun, a bang stick, the hand cannon etc
Look out ernie, he's going for his shooter.
by black flag June 02, 2004
when someone ejaculates a farther than normal distance
last night i had a shooter that went all over my keyboard
by goochman February 28, 2005
a sniper, such as police/swat,marine corps,army
the marine shooter shot the camel jockey in the head, and th e army sniper missed
by collin robinson May 13, 2008
lives in woodbridge and pumps his gino beats with a smoke in one hand and a cell in the other
look at that shooter driving down highway 7
by gino October 02, 2003
1960's British slang for a handgun. The sort of thing you would have heard in Get Carter (the orginianal, not that shit stallone remake).
Get that shooter out of your pocket and give it 'ere before you blow your bollocks off!
by Kung-fu Jesus July 31, 2004

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