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(noun) Term referring to a person who, throughout the course of a beer pong game, failed to make a single cup and as a result must sit under the beer pong table for the duration of the following game.

(Verb) In the act of defeating a person who has yet to make a cup during the current game of beer pong.
- "One more cup and you're trolled!"

- "This kid hasn't made a cup yet! He keeps this up and he's gonna end up trolled!"

-"Let's troll these kids."

- "Who's that under the table?

----"Just some kid who got trolled."

- "You serious?! I have to play with the troll??"

-"What's going on man?"
---"Just trolling some kids in pong right now."
by stamina123 February 06, 2010
(Plural) Shooters

(Proper Noun) An alcoholic shot that is made in a martini mixer and that contains 75% mixer and 25% of selected alcohol. Typically made with Vodka, Clear Rum, Gin, or Clear Tequila. Typically mixed with assorted Juices, Sweet and Sour, Grenadine or triple sec.
- "Who's ready for some shooters?!"
by stamina123 February 06, 2010
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