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marijuana;(ed)- to be stoned;(ing) smoking marijuana
"yo you got the shmeeze?"

"wow you look really shmeezed"

"we shmeezed all the buds"

"what are you guys doing?"
"zhmeezing, werd."
by calmarius May 25, 2006
A slang term for Mcdonalds. Derived from deeze (Mickey Deeze).
I got the fucking munchies lets hit up Shmeeze.
Working at Shmeeze sucks ass.
by Eser August 04, 2006
n. derived from the Native American term, "Shitty" 1. a synonym for smegma. 2. something of a repulsive level of cheeziness.
adj. 1. Of or having to do with cheeziness and/or smegma. 2. Excessively horrendous and/or cheezy. See also "Cheeze", "Smegma", "Peen", "Foreskin", "Scorpion King", "Jock"
n. Billy forgot to clean the shmeeze off his peen and clogged his urethra.
adj. "Scorpion King" was probably the Shmeeziest movie Hollywood had ever made until "Fast and the Furious" hit theaters.
by PoonPieHouligan August 17, 2003

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