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Noun or Verb-(N)A slang term meaning Marijuana, mostly used in the Tri-State Area Yeshiva community. (V) The act of getting high.
(N) I just bought some shmeez, now lets pick a movie.

(V)Pack the bowl so we can shmeez already!
by H the chillest man around August 06, 2008
17 6
Smoking weed
I was shmeezin' a fat blunt yesterday while this bitch sucked my balls.
by T Swholy January 14, 2004
38 29
to smoke pot
You wanna shmeez?

Wanna get some pizza then shmeez on the beach?
by Retretret January 10, 2009
8 4
Getting screwed over on something.
geez I got shmeezed on that calc final!
by Smithel May 16, 2005
8 13
In a hand of poker or Texas Hold-em,it is said when the player has pocket two's originally. Now if you have a pocket pair of any number it is "Pocket Shmeez!".
Frank, "Robby, you shouldnt of called me cause I have... POCKET SHMEEZ!!yeaaaaa."
by J - Rob May 10, 2005
7 13