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A person who writes a parody of a Fundamentalist that is mistaken for the real thing. Due to Poe's Law, it is almost impossible to tell if a person is a Poe unless they admit to it.
"The Bible is true because it's the inerrant word of God! I know because the Bible says so! Glory!"

Is this guy serious? He's got to be a poe.
by BManx January 13, 2008
An extremely talented American author of Scots-Irish origin. Author of many influential pieces of literature such as "The Raven," "the Pit and the Pendulum," and "The Black Cat."
"Yo, man, you got my stuff?"
"Sorry, my dealer was busy reading Poe, bettering himself and society."
by ZA Folkman November 13, 2004
A person who enjoys reading and/or writing morbid, dark, tenebrous, profound literature. The term comes from the name of an American poet Edgar Allan Poe. He is known for writing such literature. A Poe is not necessarily Goth or Emo. A Poe can be outwardly cheerful. Literature written and read by a Poe follows the general styles, methods, or themes of Edgar Allan Poe's poems.

Literature read/written by a Poe:
-may cause the reader to suffer emotionally through the main character or speaker, sometimes in cases in which the story/poem ends abruptly leaving some aspect of the main character’s emotions to the imagination of the reader
-may cause the reader to empathize with the main character or speaker and endure a negative emotion
-may let the reader believe that a specific thing is occurring and then, near or at the end, shock the reader by revealing that something else is happening, especially with a single sentence or phrase
-may employ elements not listed that are consistent with the given description of a Poe
Person1: "Did you read that kid's short story?"
Person2: "The one in which the newfound love interest dies?"
Person1: "Yeah, what's up with that?!"
Person2: "The writer's a Poe."
Person1: "Really? But that kid seems so happy all the time."
by Bernt Toestirwaphel December 31, 2012
1.Poe = A very atractive person. (fit,bum,sexy,poe.)

2.Poe = Pussy All Over. (Puff,wimp,chicken,scardey cat.)
"Aw! She is well poe!"

Or, " But I'm to scared!"

"You're poe! I sware down!"
by Spankzie July 20, 2009
Someone who won't let themsleves enjoy anything or show emotion at anything - never smiles, stone faced, looks down on people having a good time..

eg. The Queen is a poe!

'Oh stop being such a poe and enjoy yourself'

'That lady has her poe face on'
by PedMac February 20, 2009
Points of "Enterest"

A drunk mans(aka a Jim-Balls) definition of PoI "points of interest" on GPS
I just just hit the P O E.....Points of interest.

Hey you got your PoE
by co-operations manager January 27, 2009

pills over everything
"Yo man, did you check out crazy e's new tattoo?"
"He got P.O.E., pills over everything, nigga!"
by Jon Benet January 21, 2009
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