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a word that dumbasses use to mean possession.
Those books are mines.
That's mines.
You got mines?
by CJ January 07, 2004
A handgun
Darzel took the burner to school because there was a gang after him.
by cj October 11, 2003
Excessively talented and attractive singer/actor with more influence on music than possibly any other musician in the history of time. Some of his best albums include Low, Outside, and Reality.
David Bowie is a demi-god in his own right.
by cj January 17, 2004
Also an acronym for bowel movement. Used in in assisted living or healthcare environments typically.
Did you record the time of his last BM?
by CJ August 12, 2003
Delirium tremens is a disorder involving sudden and severe mental changes (psychosis) or neurologic changes (including seizures) caused by abruptly stopping the use of alcohol. Rapid pulse rate, elevated blood pressure, and temperature elevation also may be present.
Stay away from Mikey- He's got the DT's tonight.
by CJ October 29, 2003
to fuck someone in their ass; a form of sex
Chris H had anal with the J-Train!!
by CJ March 08, 2004
A channel that used to be the shit for children and young teens during the 90s. Shows like Salute your Shorts(Greatest Nick Show ever), Hey Dude, Old school rugrats, doug, rocko, Are you afraid of the Dark, Clarissa explains it all, Kenan and Kel. Juss to name a few. Now Nick is a corny ass channel with a line-up with no variety. Gay ass shows like Avatar, Spongebob, Zoey 101, the new All That every single day. Kids that watch the dumb shit now think that Nick is the best channel ever but they definitely don't know what they missed.
8 yr old boy: Hey you want to watch Nickelodeon with me! It's the coolest ever. We can watch Unfabulous, Zoey 101, than Fairly Oddparents!!

Me: *Sigh*
by Cj June 15, 2006

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