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The act of having your date's fingers put in your ass while you are hooking up
Did you hear what happened to Mike last night?
Ya I heard he got shimmed
NO Way!
by Draco Malfoy III January 26, 2013
Deceived by a man's appearance into thinking he is a she. To get shimmed or be shimmed is to check out what seems to be a hot chick but turns out to be some fuckin' dude. She is in fact a him; hence, to be shimmed. Transvestism is not necessary for shimming, which more often occurs in everyday situations with long-haired males, sometimes but not always driving in that Jag convertible up ahead in the next lane. To be shimmed is always painful, but is made most acute by grizzled facial hair and direct eye contact with the shim.
Dude, I got brutally shimmed driving in to work today. Saw this hot skinny jogger in gold spandex leggings but when I got around to the front it was a fuckin' sunbaked old man! Goddamnit!
by Proctologist74 September 22, 2011
To get vehemently shot down or put down.
1. "Dude she wouldn't even hear my sick puppy story." "I know bro, you totally got shimmed."

2. "Did you see the cav's game? It was ugly." "I know man, they totally got shimmed."

3. "Did you get her number?" "No bro, she shimmed the shit out of me, this isnt even pizza hut's number."
by patrisin December 04, 2010
An act that occurs when your boss leaves you at a job site with inadequate materials or supplies and still expects you to get the job done; on a construction site, any act where a member of your crew or a past contractor leaves you in a shitty situation, usually as result of their supreme jagoffery
Polish Hammer: Hey Sweepy, can you cut a board to 32 inches for the stairs?
Sweepy: Sorry, Hammer. The boss left for New York and all he left was some shitty split wood that's gonna crack as soon as you nail it down.
Polish Hammer: Damnit! We've been shimmed!
by sweepie May 21, 2015
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