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In reference to a person. Equivalent of 'dude'. Began as 'sham' (N. Irish)
"'Right shem? What's the craic?"
"Gon ask that shem for a fag."
by SHARK-E September 17, 2005
To be a hero, does outrageous stunts and pranks, well like person
That kid just locked the teacher out of the class, what a shem
by Monto June 13, 2011
hebrew for "name". it's a ghetto term in yerushalayim used by all those yids of mine.
(singsongy) Ha shem is here, Ha shem is there, Ha shem is everywhere!
by terrell mateo May 14, 2003
To be a clown. Act like an idiot. To get kicked out of a bar or club
Ron your a shem, you left Shaf at the Greek.
by MBbbbbb March 28, 2008
Sarcastic way to respond to a statement or to express regret at the way a situation turned out. Essentially "that's a shame" with an added sense of arrogance or lack of regard.
Person 1: "My dog died today"
Person 2: "Shem"

Person 1: "Oh no, I can't find my wallet"
Person 2: "What a shem"
by Marco Pierre April 01, 2012
an abbriviation of fa shem
An Italian curse that means 'sperm of the devil'
Jamie Oliver Fa-shem
by bigmeuprudeboy September 11, 2003
a she - him... therefore a shem..
is that a girl? she aint got no tits.. must be a shem
by xavier July 30, 2003