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synonyms: word up, right on, amen, agreed upon.
Let's say someone, in a crowded place, shouts, "war sucks!" Damn straight would be an appropriate reponse to that exclamation if you are anti-war.
by terrell mateo April 03, 2003
Entertainment (and) Sports Programming Network
Like MTV and MTV2, there is ESPN and there is ESPN2.
by terrell mateo May 14, 2003
slim (shady)
In "Till I Collapse" by Eminem, Slim says "...you pizzles forgot; Slizzle does not give a fuck!"
by terrell mateo May 20, 2003
in Biblical times, it meant to sleep with someone. you will see the word used in the Bible to mean that.
God: "Abe, you knew your maidwoman as well as Sarah? And she gave birth to that bastard of yours, Ishmael?"

Abraham (boasting his double scoring): "Yep, God. My sons are Isaac and Ishmael."
by terrell mateo May 28, 2003
a term probably coined by fans of the new york yankees, who traditionally are haters of the boston red sox and decided to come up with an insulting term by changing the team name.
John (From Boston): Bawb, are you gonna pahk thuh kah in hahvuhd yahd?

Bob (From the Bronx): Naw, yoo stoopid Red Sux fan.
by terrell mateo June 07, 2003
drunk, wasted
Shit, man, I got so pissed out last night.
by Terrell Mateo August 29, 2003
a term used to insult the mets
The mutts stink.
by terrell mateo June 07, 2003
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