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The shittiest program ever written. Shelterbelt is a filtering proxy written by Twotrees that blocks every fucking thing on the Internet of any value whatsoever (even Bing and Google Mobile, and Bing is the default search provider on the entire network). It blocks most proxy sites (and if it doesn't, once you actually use the proxy, you're instantly suspended from the Internet and your activity and username are recorded and sent to the admin), but Ultrasurf and TOR work just fine when their proxy settings are configured correctly.
Student A: Hey, why don't you look that up on Bing?
Student B: *types keywords into IE search bar* DAMNIT! SHELTERBELT BLOCKED IT!
Student A: But how? It's the default search engine on our entire network?
Student B: Ask our network admin after preschool and his daily nap.
by AK47Jenks December 25, 2010
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