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1. A specified woman’s chin, upon which a gentleman might like to either rest his balls or paint with a generous smattering of spooge.
Dude 1: “Look at that chick, she’s smoking hot!”

Dude 2: “Ya, she’s got a kind chin. The kind of chin I’d like to blow a load on!”
by Blacknblue30 January 05, 2012

1. The kind of person who begins premature ejaculation after the first 2.7 seconds of a blowjob, then runs around butt naked like a scared chicken while spraying ejaculate all over the unfortunate girl's room.

2. A fucking retard with no prospects who lives in his parent's basement.

See also: Jizm McGee
1. Move out of your parents house already, you're 34 years old you fucking Potterjob.

2. Stop cumming all over my room you fucking Potterjob!
by Blacknblue30 June 05, 2011

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