The act of taking a shit.
I can't possibly meet you at the bar for drinks yet, but I will after I head home for a quick Shazam.
by CGM May 27, 2003
Sarcastic, that's KAZAAM, you idiot.
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
to have sex with or rape
man i shazamed that girl last night, and it was hot!
by Meghannnnnnn July 06, 2006
The act of dispersing feces on one's face.
I can't believe Bob shazamed right in my mouth.
by MrChocobo November 30, 2004
used while playing multiplayer halo or any other multiplayer game it means "in your face inferior opponents"
*can only properly be used if yelled
*Shazam* mother fuckers!
by Spud August 09, 2004
When a man engages in sex for a few thrusts before rolling off their partner, faking orgasm, shouting SHAZAM! followed by a fart/passing of wind.
Julie pissed me off again so i Shazamed her last night

*thrust* SHAZAM! *roll away and fart*
by JCtheTrimp October 26, 2007
When a person is holding a handful of semen and "SHAZAM!" its in you face. The person usually runs away. The person who got shazamed is now having a bad day!
1. Teacher: "Chris do you have your homework done?"
Chris: "SHAZAM!!" (runs out door)
Teacher: Damn, now im having a bad day!

2. Jon: "Hey so do you wanna play some ds later?"
Cam: "SHAZAM!" (runs away)
Jon: Shit, i hate semen in the face!
by Gizmo Maguaw May 01, 2007

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