1). An insult.

2). A compliment, or when something is considered 'rad'.
1). SHAZAM!!

2). Lookin' Shazam, babe.
by Shazam! October 09, 2003
"Worst movie ever made. Features Shaquielle O'neil, who not only can't play basketball, but is the worst rapper and actor ever.

I developed a severe migraine after watching Shazzam."

I believe that movie is called "Kazaam". Pwned.
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
Summoning magic powers to transform fantasy into reality, or creating substance from an idea.
I've got my shazam working on this one.
by docdc9 May 11, 2003
to signify that someone has just dissed someone out.
if the disser goes "yo mama so fat, when she turns around its her birthday" (or any other kind of diss)

you say "SHAZAM!"
by dingus April 27, 2003
A sudden, deft insertion of the middle finger into a female rectum during sloppy coitus, with a large, clunky pimp ring around said finger. A typical country greeting for birthdays, anniversaries and group picnics.

Also, a known practitioner of this activity is known as a Warlock.
picnic, group, shazam, superhero, warlock
by midnitedynamite February 05, 2010
Multi-purpose word
can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or even every word in a sentence

but can also be a replacement for swear words
I shazamed your mum

go shazam yourself

go away you shazam


You shazaming ninny

just checkin on the shazam

BE CAREFUL SAYING " shazam me" THIS CAN MEAN " fuck me"
by Rory And Charly April 29, 2009
the act of putting all of the drugs in a blender and then injecting yourself with them
Do you guys want to go and shazam after school?
by Greystache January 18, 2009
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