Excellent 1968 album by Roy Wood's The Move, a British rock band who would later count Jeff Lynne as one of its members before he formed ELO. (Wood would later form Wizzard.) Unfortunately, "Shazam" is still a relatively difficult album to find, probably because it was never originally released stateside.
Whenever I hear "Fields of People" on the album "Shazam" I just wanna gobble me up a handful of shrooms!
by stendec02 January 13, 2006
the term used after getting a headrush after taking a large hit of crack cocaine.
*takes a large hit of crack* oh my god here it comes!!! SHAZAM@!!@)(#*!@
*runs off into the distant fog*
by nurdbrane July 19, 2005
Being dazed by a bad smell or sight.
After seing Bob's ass, I was shazamed.
by M2ZRYV July 03, 2005
1). An insult.

2). A compliment, or when something is considered 'rad'.
1). SHAZAM!!

2). Lookin' Shazam, babe.
by Shazam! October 09, 2003
When Avid Merrion plays David Blaine on Bo Selecta, he says, "shazam" and shows his tatoo of an eye on his hand.
After he duzza trick, he looks at the person he has dun the trick on and says, "Shazam!" n duz thats weird handy fing n that walk! LOL!
by JenRo n Boof August 21, 2003
"Worst movie ever made. Features Shaquielle O'neil, who not only can't play basketball, but is the worst rapper and actor ever.

I developed a severe migraine after watching Shazzam."

I believe that movie is called "Kazaam". Pwned.
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
Summoning magic powers to transform fantasy into reality, or creating substance from an idea.
I've got my shazam working on this one.
by docdc9 May 11, 2003

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