Being dazed by a bad smell or sight.
After seing Bob's ass, I was shazamed.
by M2ZRYV July 03, 2005
1). An insult.

2). A compliment, or when something is considered 'rad'.
1). SHAZAM!!

2). Lookin' Shazam, babe.
by Shazam! October 09, 2003
Summoning magic powers to transform fantasy into reality, or creating substance from an idea.
I've got my shazam working on this one.
by docdc9 May 11, 2003
shazam is a stupid word that asshole magicians use
kind of like kapowie
magician:" hey kiddies, say the magic words"

KIDS:"abra kadabra!!"

magician:"SHAZAM!! and now im naked"
by dilldosaurous April 09, 2005
A drink that is ral as fuack consisting of gin orange juice and chapagne
This ral ass shazam has got me juiced jankster, ral.
by Colby B March 15, 2005
What Bo Selecta David Blaine says
Jean Claude Van Shazam
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
by hershwitz September 21, 2003

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