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A group of untalented, immature, obnoxious and disruptive teenage boys who deem themselves "internet celebrities." This band of misfits travels across the country to "perform" their acts at hotels and various venues. These acts include: throwing water on each other, singing off key, jumping up and down and riding on hotel luggage carts. People actually pay to see this shit. The "Magcon Tour" has a strong, avid, cult-like following of horny, desperate and ditsy teenage girls who are absolutely infatuated with these boys. After the show, the boys usually go up to their hotel room and proceed to destroy it and post it on the internet.

I would honestly be extremely surprised if these kids are still "famous" in six months.
Immature Girl 1: "OMG Becky, those Magcon boys are having a show this weekend!"
Immature Girl 2: "Pssht, Jenny, that's SO last week. It's all about the Jonas Brothers now!"
Immature Girl 1: "Oh yeah, I like totally love them. They're like soo dreamy."
by 2400 SAT Score March 05, 2014
A convention/tour of Vine famous boys. Usually including Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, Jack johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Taylor Caniff, Shawn Mendes, Aaron Carpenter, and Matt Espinosa.
"Hey you going to the Ohio magcon show?"

"Uhh duh! I cant wait!"
by Vine-Addict February 17, 2014
a group of extremely hot guys. who started out on vine. they sing dance and goof off they have concerts and meet and greets so far all over the usa and canada
girl who has been living under a rock- whats magcon
smart girl-um the group of really hot boys on vine....duhhh
by magcon121 July 12, 2014
An awesome group of viners that travel and act and change the world they are managed by a guy named bart and they have millions of fans all over the world
magcon is going on tour next week
by magconsloverbae July 09, 2014
A group of amazing, talented, and funny people who started out on their own and then eventually came together to form "Magcon" or "Meet And Greet Convention" where the viners, youtubers, and instagramers go to a state and meet their fans and take pictures and vines with them. This group includes Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Aaron Carpenter, Carter Reynolds, and Mahogany Lox. The group always hangs out together and takes videos together because they are the Magcon Family.
Awesome FanGirl 1: "OMG Cassandra, Magcon is coming to our town soon!"

Awesome Fangirl 2: "Madison we have to go and see them! They always make me smile and I cannot even handle how cute and sweet they all are."

Awesome FanGirl 1: "Yeah I know right! Magcon is so hot, I'm so happy that they came together! I'm so obsessed with them!!
by mlc_chambers_ April 27, 2014