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a beautiful girl with class, grace, poise and elegance
Audrey Hepburn was a real hanah
#classy #dignified #graceful #beautiful #tall #audrey hepburn
by urbandictionaryuser2008 November 19, 2010
The most amazing girl you will ever meet! She is so much cooler than Eden or something unimportant like that! but for real now shes so so so cool and pretty and i think we all know that we should have a hanah fan-club because every hanah spelled like that i;ve ever met was super cool! :) alll the others arrent! but that one is! so lets all start loving hanah's that are spelled like that

<3 <3
Dude: Do you know the name of that super cool girl?
Dude2: Since shes super cool shes propably called HANAH! with one N and not two cuz two is just a name for sluts and whores.

Dude: Ok ill go tell her how cool she is! :)
#cool #awesome #nice #coolestpersononearth #amazing
by #HANAHspelled like that fan November 10, 2011
a person who does NOT know what sarcasm means
"yea im totally gonna kiss every guy here"
"what, why you whore!"
"Hanah it's sarcasm"
#ugh #why #cant #you #be #smart
by kiki the firefighter number 2 April 11, 2015
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