a noun. A Caucasian male who does not take pride in his life, career, outer image, and overall hygiene. Shanes are indigenous to rural areas, some cities, trailer parks, mountains, and personal vehicles. Shanes are usually attracted to public parks, Walmart's, zoos, flea markets, and anywhere else with discount prices.

See "Deliverance" or ShaneSpotter for videos and pictures.
Guy 1: Hey, you see the Shane that just pulled into the parking lot?
Guy 2: You mean that guy with the stars and stripes bumper sticker that says "I'm an American-American"?
Guy 1: Yeah. His wife Krystal gave me a lapdance at a bachelor party last month.
Guy 2: Why does he have a coffee can for a tailpipe?
Guy 1: I told you, he's a Shane, dude.
by planeview December 04, 2009
Is a straight up faggot that no one likes. Is a ginger and fat. All his friends use him for money for drugs. He watches gay porn on a daily basis because he can't get pussy besides his mom.
Dude don't be a shane.
by Alec Hall February 21, 2010
A real dumb ass. Wears his ass as a hat. Bald fucker that annoys everyone in his presence.
A: I stuffed up the sale

B: You Shane'd it!!
by Seven RE July 06, 2009
downer, 027 bus, odd hair
pronounced 'shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane'
omgzzz last night i posted a can through shaaaaanes letterbox :/
"shut the window shane"
by Dorski March 06, 2009
A man who is homosexual in nature but denies it even though it is completely obvious, and he still so how inpregnates women even though he only "hot-dogs" it
"Man, Shane is gay as heck and he still some how gets more poon than me"- Mac Daddy Prince
by Wendy's Crew April 11, 2009
A pastey white bitch. Who has no pipe and fucks with ugly dirty toed girls. And monkey faced bitches.
Nick: Hey, look at that fat bitch! Id never go out with her!
Fahiem: Aye i heard shanes pullin her on myspace.
Walt: Yeah shanes a queer.
by KameronPotts February 08, 2009
Shane : to be a fag yet to be talked about so much as in i am Shane.H an i like Ben's face
oh my Shane (OMS)
Shane guitar hero king
Shane- to ride the Shane(train) home
by wofl cakes November 10, 2008

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