One who fiddles with dicks.
Guy 1: "Holy dumbfuck!! Did you see that Shane?!"
Guy 2 : "Yeah! I hear he fiddles with dicks!"
Guy 1: "Oh boy!!! 8=D~~~~"
by finestcowshit69 April 07, 2010
a person that is overly obsessive for achievements and has to have more gamerscore than everyone he knows
That kid with 100,000 gamerscore is a shane
by darksniper55 May 14, 2009
Definition for a huge faggot, takes part in circle jerks, and other gay activities
You are as gay as shane is.
by Lollipopololol July 11, 2010
The sexy teen alive, more sexy then Adam (when dressed)
Shane also can be called huge friend, because he has a huge friend, and his friend likes to come see adam alot.

Body builder body, jessica simpson. Shane is a sex god, but only worthy of adam and i guess pavel, sorry ladies he's mine.
by Pavel Ganaposky March 13, 2007
pulling a shane, say SHAAANE! when someone fucks up and says something stupid
rigo: that cat must be in heat
shane: what? but its not even hot out
rigo: SHAAANE!
by rigo the spick May 23, 2009
a noun. A Caucasian male who does not take pride in his life, career, outer image, and overall hygiene. Shanes are indigenous to rural areas, some cities, trailer parks, mountains, and personal vehicles. Shanes are usually attracted to public parks, Walmart's, zoos, flea markets, and anywhere else with discount prices.

See "Deliverance" or ShaneSpotter for videos and pictures.
Guy 1: Hey, you see the Shane that just pulled into the parking lot?
Guy 2: You mean that guy with the stars and stripes bumper sticker that says "I'm an American-American"?
Guy 1: Yeah. His wife Krystal gave me a lapdance at a bachelor party last month.
Guy 2: Why does he have a coffee can for a tailpipe?
Guy 1: I told you, he's a Shane, dude.
by planeview December 04, 2009
Is a straight up faggot that no one likes. Is a ginger and fat. All his friends use him for money for drugs. He watches gay porn on a daily basis because he can't get pussy besides his mom.
Dude don't be a shane.
by Alec Hall February 21, 2010

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