Hebrew word meaning hello goodbye and peace
hello john
wait are you leaving?
by Epstein February 13, 2005
A quiet girl who is a master of disguise when it comes to emotions. She might not say a lot, but when she does it really sticks. She is someone who knows more than ordinary people would guess, and is a whole lot more than what she lets people see. And if you catch her even for a second when she lets down their guard, you'll see that she is truly someone special.
by night:time November 18, 2008
sha·lom (shä-lm, sh-)
1. Used as a traditional Jewish greeting or farewell.

2. Peace

3. A name, which usually belongs to a particular type of person. You will find that Shaloms are generally tall. They often do not show their emotions easily, but when you look deeper you will see they have great depth. Although they aren't always introverts, it is common for them to be more quiet and withdrawn. They are often found to have a very sweet caring side, and easily make people feel loved. They often end up acting as a sibling to those around them. They are known for being sweet and caring friends who are generally very patience with the people they love. Although they do get upset, they generally do a good job of controlling their temper. They tend to be very logical and excellent in debates. It is common for them to show a great love for music.

Shaloms generally make great friends, and if you find yourself blessed with one you should hold on to them.
Shalom to you my brother!

Shalom to death. (peace to death)
by JenB1996 December 12, 2012
"Perfect peace that passes understanding"! Completeness & wholeness in one's spirit,soul and body; well-being;safety;security;knowing God in an intimate way!
The Lord's shalom is guarding my heart and mind in Messiah!
by shelli March 16, 2003
Hebrew: שלום

Hebrew greeting commonly used by Israelis, Jews and Zionists alike.

Means "hello" and is used when meeting and parting.

The common response to "Shalom" is "Shalom shalom".

There are also 2 other greetings with the word "Shalom":

• "Shalom aleichem" שלום עליכם - Peace be upon you
• "Shabbat shalom" שבת שלום - Peaceful Shabbat (Sabbath)

However, to Palestinians, Arabs and those who support Palestine and/or hate Israel, the word is interpreted differently as such people determine that the Israelis, whether civilians or soldiers, are all terrorists. They usually interpret "Shalom" as a fake greeting of peace as bloodshed is still happening despite the peaceful greetings from Israelis, Jews and/or Zionists.

Note: Greeting "Shalom" to others does not mean you're a Jew or only a Jew can greet "Shalom".
In the case of both parties knowing the greeting
A: Shalom!
B: Shalom shalom!

In the case of one party not understanding the word of greeting
C: Shalom!
D: What did you say?
C: I said "Shalom!", it's a greeting in Hebrew and if you want to respond, you can say "Shalom shalom!".
D: Oh, shalom shalom!

Political misunderstanding of the greeting
E: Shalom!
F: What did you say?
E: Shalom!
F: You Jew?
E: Not exactly.

F: Then what are you?
E: Whatever it is, I'm not a Jew.
F: Then why did you say "Shalom"?
E: That's because "Shalom" means well to all! Peace to you and peace to me! As long as you mean its meaning well, there's no reason why you shouldn't greet "Shalom".
F: Oh.

Extreme political
of the greeting with Z for Zionist and M for Muslim + previous interpretation included
Z: Shalom!
M: What?
Z: Shalom!
M: Go fuck yourself, you Jew.
Z: I'm not a Jew.
M: Not a Jew? If you're not a Jew, then why did you say "Shalom" to me?
Z: That's because I mean well to you and not harm, shalom.

M: Go fuck yourself, you filthy
, Israeli or Zionist or whatever shit, viva Palestine!
Z: Very well then, shalom aleichem.
by NatIsrael972 August 22, 2014
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