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A hilarious take-off on Blackploitation genre films such as Shaft--a Jewploitation flick starring Adam Goldberg as the title character, the Hebrew Hammer.
Have you seen The Hebrew Hammer?
by AynRandsTeddyBear May 02, 2005
When your standing up and banging a chick while holding her calves to either side of your waist with the back of her shoulders on the ground. You must yell, "Shalom Biatch" at every 5th thrust during the encounter.
I deployed The Hebrew Hammer on that chick last night.
by The HebrewHammer 77 May 09, 2009
While fucking a chick from behind the you donkey punch her in the back of the head. When she turns around to bitch at you because it hurt you circumcise yourself and throw the foreskin in her face. Upon doing that you yell OPAH!!! and run away. All of this is done whilst wearing a yamaka...(this can only be done once)
So last night i gave Shirley The Hebrew Hammer...obviously she's pissed at me.
by Lights On April 10, 2011

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