To say shalom is to first imply that you are a jew on the move. The notorious word predominantly means "peace" or "peace in the home", but it has been known to suggest other ideas. For example...(see examples)
Good shalom (afternoon) to you
Did you try the shalom?
Shalom in the home is the greatest TV series ever!
Men in Hats are big fans of shalom!
Am i spelling shalom right?
s-h-a-l-o-m spells shalom!
Why the pornagraphic material? Are you not getting enough shalom in your life?
by A. Shalom August 17, 2006
saying hello in jewish
bob: shalom
jordan: u a jew?
bob: yea
jordan: oh
by J 0 K A May 09, 2005
hebrew word used as a greeting.. real meaning being peace.. but as i like to use it as a saying to women meaning, "I wanna get you in bed tonight"
when i saw that hooker on the street all i could do is stare at her large knockers and say shalom.
by the parsh February 02, 2003
a jewish man having anal sex with a gentile woman
Steinbeck shalomed your girlfriend last night dude.
by steinbeck March 15, 2005
When a jewish man has anal sex with a gentile woman.
Dude, Steinbeck shalomed your mom last night.
by steinbeck March 16, 2005

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