Hebrew: שלום

Hebrew greeting commonly used by Israelis, Jews and Zionists alike.

Means "hello" and is used when meeting and parting.

The common response to "Shalom" is "Shalom shalom".

There are also 2 other greetings with the word "Shalom":

• "Shalom aleichem" שלום עליכם - Peace be upon you
• "Shabbat shalom" שבת שלום - Peaceful Shabbat (Sabbath)

However, to Palestinians, Arabs and those who support Palestine and/or hate Israel, the word is interpreted differently as such people determine that the Israelis, whether civilians or soldiers, are all terrorists. They usually interpret "Shalom" as a fake greeting of peace as bloodshed is still happening despite the peaceful greetings from Israelis, Jews and/or Zionists.

Note: Greeting "Shalom" to others does not mean you're a Jew or only a Jew can greet "Shalom".
In the case of both parties knowing the greeting
A: Shalom!
B: Shalom shalom!

In the case of one party not understanding the word of greeting
C: Shalom!
D: What did you say?
C: I said "Shalom!", it's a greeting in Hebrew and if you want to respond, you can say "Shalom shalom!".
D: Oh, shalom shalom!

Political misunderstanding of the greeting
E: Shalom!
F: What did you say?
E: Shalom!
F: You Jew?
E: Not exactly.

F: Then what are you?
E: Whatever it is, I'm not a Jew.
F: Then why did you say "Shalom"?
E: That's because "Shalom" means well to all! Peace to you and peace to me! As long as you mean its meaning well, there's no reason why you shouldn't greet "Shalom".
F: Oh.

Extreme political
of the greeting with Z for Zionist and M for Muslim + previous interpretation included
Z: Shalom!
M: What?
Z: Shalom!
M: Go fuck yourself, you Jew.
Z: I'm not a Jew.
M: Not a Jew? If you're not a Jew, then why did you say "Shalom" to me?
Z: That's because I mean well to you and not harm, shalom.

M: Go fuck yourself, you filthy
, Israeli or Zionist or whatever shit, viva Palestine!
Z: Very well then, shalom aleichem.
by NatIsrael972 August 22, 2014
Hebrew meaning "Peace" "Hello" "Goodbye". Coming from the root word "Shalem" meaning "complete." Often used by Jews/Israelis upon greeting and parting, and found throughout liturgy. Also a common Israeli/Jewish name.
"Shalom my brother!" (upon greeting or parting)
"Shabbat Shalom!" (Good Sabbath!)
"Shalom al yisrael v'kol ha'olam" (Peace be on Israel and the entire world.)
"That guy Shalom is really badass." (name)
"Shabbat Shalom Mother Fuckers!" - The Hebrew Hammer
by PeaceOfMind June 09, 2009
Sha-LOM: 1) Hello 2) Goodbye
(both usually used in a monotonous tone.)
Kate: Shalom.
Emily: Hey!
(Several minutes later...)
Kate: I g2g
Emily: Okay.
Kate: Shalom.
by Kate Lotze December 23, 2005
1. A Hebrew word meaning peace; also used as a greeting (hello, goodbye, and said in passing)
2. The word used to excuse someone after s/he coughs
Ex. 1:
Dave: Thanks for taking me to dinner!
Susan: No problem! Shalom, Dave.
Dave: Shalom, Susan.

Ex. 2:
Dave: *Hack* (cough)
Susan: Shalom.
Dave: Thanks
by Carmelle April 09, 2007
1) A Hebrew word meaning peace and used as a greeting (both hello and goodbye)
2) The word said to excuse someone's cough
Example 1:
Dave: Thanks for taking me to dinner!
Susan: No problem. Shalom, Dave.
D: Shalom.

Example 2:
Dave: *Hack*
Susan: Shalom.
D: Thanks, Susan.
by Carmelle April 09, 2007
the act of cumming on someone's face, then excreting feces on top of the semen, making it seem like a whitewashed black man.
John: so what trick did you pull last night?
Jack: I was thinking of a white dragon, but I totally Shalomed her!
by Neesay February 15, 2008
Being cheap. Never wants to spend money.
You're always too shalom to come out and eat with us.
by George Louis Costanza August 10, 2010

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