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Originally brewed in building 31, Section 5 of the Bronx, NY. Shaint is short for "sure aint". This phrase gained notoriety in the early 1990's.
Homie #1: Fam, that girl you were with , that's wifey? Homie #2 SHAINT
by December 12, 2015
To faint whilst shitting. Usually after a particularly nasty curry or if suffering from a fever.
Did you hear that Ian shainted at work today.
by pb1979 June 16, 2011
liquid paint like shit that covers the inside of the toilet bowl after a explosive shit
After eating taco bell for lunch and supper i left shaint all over the toilet bowl
by roachburger July 13, 2009
Replacement for should not or shall not to drive a pedant who is easily offended by ain't absolutely batshit crazy.
Nerd: "ain't" is not a word in the English language.
Dude: Well, I guess we shain't use that one no more then.

Exec: We need this done in 10 business days.
Staff: Well, I guess you better stop tossing the salad and approve the project then, shain't cha?
by milleym June 28, 2011
the combination of the word she and ain't , so you don't have to say the two words seperate
Shain't gonna come to the party later on
by BigPoeticCanine August 02, 2010
Abbreviated form of "shit ain't".
My Boss wants me to work the weekend. That shain't happenin.
by V$ February 21, 2008
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