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Sexyfiestermeister: Urban slang for a boy or girl who I superior to you in talent, personality, kick-ass powers, and especially their sexy looks. A person who can belong to any group of people, talk with any one, and be loved by every one. 
Example for girls: "You see her rockin' body? She's got a big chest, gorgeous eyes, great smile, man... She's a sexyfeistermeister!"

"I wish I was a sexyfeistermiester, then I could get the man of my dreams, but she's already with him."

Example guy:

"Dude, you hear about that guy on tv last night?"

"Yeah, the one who killed the entire gang by just staring into their eyes?"

"Yeah, and he's so fucking cool looking, I think I'd turn bay for him."

"That sexyfeistermeister is just too cool yo."   
by Awesome-ism. November 10, 2010

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