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one who participates in sexual activities: intercourse, oral sex, fingering, etc. pertains to female and male
most teenagers today are sexually active
by Holly March 10, 2004
The term the nurse's use just to put teenagers on the spot, just because of the stigma now days.

Probably meaning the first you had sex, The first time you learned about sex, the first time you gave head, The first time you got down some ones pants, The majority of people on, when you stared at someones pants, when you thought about screwing someone,

To me it reminds me of someone put a quarter in you and you became a sex toy or something.

Just a term that sells pregnancy tests and birth control and condoms. I'm sorry but its some what true.

Nurse: When the last time you were sexually active?

Teenager: What do you mean?

Nurse: You know, and I don't mean to be embarrassing,

Teenager:...Uh...When I was fifteen?

Nurse: Go to the doctor now, you're in great danger!

Teenager: What the hell?
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 22, 2009
Annoying, offensive term used by uptight, condescending and/or disapproving adults to describe younger people who are engaging in their God given right to fuck.
Hand wringing Mom to Dad: "George, what are we going to do? I found used condoms in the waste can. I fear Gretchen has become sexually active with her punk boyfriend."
by brownwings April 01, 2011
someone who is in desire to have sex (very helpful in reproduction)
that dude is sexually active and he definitely wants to have sex.
by fun December 31, 2003
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