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Injection of fluid via a lubed tube into the rectum for the purpose of cleaning out any remaining debris from one's last dump.
Available over the counter in disposable units at most drug stores.
Ideally, one administers an enema to his/her partner in preparation for butt sex or ass eating.
I gave Cecile an enema last night, then took her up the poop chute.
#rimming #butt sex #anilingus #chocolate tunnel #hershey highway
by brownwings April 07, 2011
Annoying, offensive term used by uptight, condescending and/or disapproving adults to describe younger people who are engaging in their God given right to fuck.
Hand wringing Mom to Dad: "George, what are we going to do? I found used condoms in the waste can. I fear Gretchen has become sexually active with her punk boyfriend."
#sex #pussy #teen sex #fucking #sexual intercourse
by brownwings April 01, 2011
Someone who is getting more than you are, thereby making you envious of him/her.
My roommate Jill is a promiscuous slut.
#slut #easy #ho #pussy #hookup
by brownwings July 03, 2011
When three or more people, usually but not necessarily a mixed group, lie in a circle on the floor or in bed, and each eats out/sucks off the person on one side of him/her, while getting eaten out/sucked off by the person on the other side of him/her.
Josh and Karen invited Kiersten and me over for a small dinner party Saturday night. Great time.
#group sex #cunnilingus #fellatio #sixty-nine #party sex
by brownwings April 06, 2011
adjective used by an envious person to criticize someone who is getting more sex than he/she is.
My roommate Brittany is such a promiscuous slut. She hooks up with a different guy every weekend. I've only been able to do it twice.
#booty #sex #slut #whore #easy
by brownwings May 31, 2011
To lock out or ask to leave a friend, relative or roommate so that one will have the privacy to whack off, use her vibrator, etc.

Similar to "sexile", except only one person is involved in the activity.
I'm going to mastergate my roomie and spank my monkey, to get rid of this ten day load I've built up.
#spank the monkey #choke the chicken #sexile #sexile island #whack off
by brownwings August 23, 2011
Chick imported from another location for the purpose of having sex.

Can also apply to a guy, though he is more often called "road meat".
Not available this weekend, guys, I've got some road cheese coming in from State.
#road meat #pussy #chick #sex #poon
by brownwings March 03, 2011
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