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the face of crying
the horizontal lines of T represents the eyes
and the vertical lines represents tear
the _ represents the mouth

can be use with multple T(in even numbers):
i forgot i threw a frag and get killed T_T

by fun February 21, 2003
a person with a face that disgusts people the way anus would
bush w. bush
by fun December 31, 2003
1) a loser teacher that doesn't know what she's doing

2) a drunken teacher
z.a.: what did varvaro do last night?
s.g.m.: she had a couple of drinks and had a good sex
by fun February 19, 2004
someone with a face that resembles anus (note: face and anus are raised from the same germ layer)
george w. bush has an anusliningface
by fun December 31, 2003
Place where I learn words that I would neither use nor hear in my private school.
me: Fo' shizzle my nizzle

friend: There is actually an English word that I do not understand?!?!

me: look it up on urbandictionary.com
by fun July 15, 2004
someone who is addicted to certain drug or someone who is not clearly thinking
George w. Bush
by fun December 31, 2003
Anything derogatory, offensive, or degrating.
You have nothing but cack on the mind.
by Fun April 16, 2003
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