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Masturbating while sexting, which is talking about sex while texting and masturbating to it.

Sexturbating shows how stupid this next generation going to be

Johnny: Oh my God sexting *jack off* for seral
by browngirlsdonttakebs April 20, 2009
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Instead of thinking about sex while masturbating thinking about masturbating while having sex.
Joe- "dude while while having sex with my girl all i could think about was how I'd rather be masturbating.

Craig- "Dude so you and your girlfriend are into sexturbating?
by THEADVICEDAWG January 24, 2011
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Sexturbating - The act of sexting yourself with your own phone number saved under a different name and proceeding to masterbate to your sexts.
Sending yourself explicit text messages while your number is saved under a different name in your phone book in order to pretend it is someone else and proceeding to masturbate to those sext messages. Sexturbating
by Timmy0209 February 27, 2014
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sexturbaiting - (sex-tur-BAY-ting) n. engaging in sexual acts with one's clone

sexturbation - (sex-tur-BAY-shun) n. the act of sexual intercourse with one's clone

sexturbate - (sex-tur-BATE) v. to engage in sexual acts with one's clone
if you need an example for sexturbating i pity you
by Kiel Shafur July 21, 2010
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