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adj. pertaining to one in a succession of very many (Slang)
David is reexamining the cable connections for the umpteenth time
#many #slang #play #broadway #musical
by Fennie Lam August 06, 2006
1-Adjective used to describe an action or event that has been done or taken place too many times to count.

2-used to expect distatste for how many times an action has been done

3-Something women say a lot about men.
"Adam, you have complained for the umpteenth time! just eat the stupid apple, and i promise I will stop nagging!"

"Fine, eve, but for the umpteenth time: this is a bad idea." -eats apple-
#umpteenth #upteenth #umpteen #wordslinger #cupcakes
by wordslinger88 July 01, 2009
Relatively large but unspecified in number.
Having escaped his death sentence for the umpteenth time.
#several #many #uncertain #handful #indefinite #numerous
by Wally "Fastest Man Alive" West September 10, 2013
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