you may think its a sea creature ,but its not. its the fattest woman at the ymca doing water arobics. actually it could be a sea creaure . if you are in water arobics make sure that you stand next to her because this makes you seem not so fat.
hey girls ,do you se that sea cow? glad im not her
by N berg March 25, 2007
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Used to describe someone overly large in height or weight. See Wardypookins
The seacow sat on me and it hurt very bad
by mr schlomo 2 October 13, 2006
sea cows are another name for the sea creature the manitee, although recently, in boston, 'sea cow' became a popularly used term to describe a fat chick.
all these bitches in boston wear babydoll t-shirts and low rider jeans, with their guts all flapping over the beltline, they look like a bunch of sea cows!
by Aretha April 21, 2004
/si/ kou A female of large stature, most commonly identified by the presence of FUPA, Back Breast, and Dunlap vaginal disorder. many species are described as having a beard with pubic follicular likeness.

Sea Cows are predatory creatures, known for cutting in line at barbeques, spaghetti feeds and public buffets. Sea Cows are attracted by the rattle of ice in a Diet Pepsi cup or the crinkle of an empty chip bag.

Sea Cows Typically live in first floor dwellings and tend to use public transportation as automobiles tend to be tight quarters due to their large stature.
while i was in line at the buffet i was bitten by a feeding sea cow
by bmslyer June 09, 2011
a psycho ex who gains 75plus pounds following a long over-due break-up.
Leanna seacowed after that long over-due break-up with James.
by Yea, I'm that Guy April 09, 2009
A word used to describe someone who is obese. Also used to describe a person whose physical features actually resemble those of a seacow. See manatee. Often used synonymously alongside the following: fat mess (FM), dumb bitch, dyke.

Hottie #1: Did you see that teacher that just walked by?
Hottie #2: Nah kid, who was it?
Hottie #1: Oh, it was my Writing Lab teacher. She's a fucking seacow.
Hottie #2: A seacow, a bloody seacow! Issat what you say, fine lad?
Hottie #1: STFU FGT. I mean, why yes, yessir! Would you like to join me for some crumpets and tea in the courtyard? I baked them with love!
Hottie #2: . . . Don't blow so many diet pills man. But you were right about that teacher. She's def a dumb bitch, a FM seacow for true.
by LMAONADE December 15, 2004
A big round and worthless person in ISMO. A Seacow lies and tells stories that have never happened and will never happen. Everyone in Japan hates Seacows. This creature usually has a background in Communication.
Person 1: We need to get that request done ASAP!!!

Person 2: We can't, we have been waiting on Seacow all damn day!

seacow: whatever you have done I have done 10x's better.

TNA: Everyone in Japan hates you....stop lying to yourself
by TNA69 September 03, 2009
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