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Extremely attractive girl who can give a guy a hard-on in about 30 seconds, has a nice backside. Can usually be found at parties or just chillin‘.
dayummm that leanna girl be fine as hell!
by jkhsjfhsjdkhfjkdshfdf January 08, 2008
a woman/girl who represents all that could be wonderful in life, the epitome of a brilliant and beautiful woman/girl.

one who smiles and brightens the darkest depths of the earth.

one who is misunderstood and at the same time easy to read.
That girl is perfect, she's so amazing, she's so Leanna.
by Fanmace June 27, 2010
A girl who is amazingly gorgeous, nice ass, normal size boobs, green eyes, and can give a guy a hard on in about 30 seconds. she's great in bed, little freaky, and is always at parties.
booty, party, green, gorgeous, freaky, LeAnna.
by shootttt February 05, 2010
An amazingly hot girl, someone u would want to ask out right away becuz she could be taken at any minute.

she is worth it. so dont let her leave u
dude, look at that chick,
thats a leanna!
by tocool4skool May 22, 2011
Extremely sexy, gorgeous, attractive girl who is simply wonderful. She has a good looking ass and a sexy body. She is amazing in every way. She has a line of guys following her every move. If you find a Leanna who is into you, don't lose your chance because you won't have another.
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear that Leanna has a thing for you?
Guy 2: Yeah, but I don't think I'll ask her out...
Guy 1: You're soooo going to regret it.
by ilikecows December 30, 2011
a super sexy beast that is just good at most everything. :)
guy 1: i really like that leanna over there

guy 2: why dont you go ask her out

guy 1: i will, but she might be to good for me...
by heyy:D May 27, 2011
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