Term used to describe a female that forgot to put the fork down.
"Dude, did you see that seacow? I was afraid the porch was going to collapse"
"That party was great until the seacow showed up."
"Why the hell did you leave me stranded with the seacow?"
"Yarghh, there's a seacow in me shanty."
by Cpn Ahab August 20, 2009
A fat, socially awkward, acne ridden teenager.
What a seacow, he needs to do some exercise....fag
by Tehsupreme March 17, 2008
Someone extremly slow with marine bovine features, usually tall in size.
'oh the door said pull'

'omfg you seacow!'
by Mark Wilkinson November 04, 2007
Manatee,or blubbery animal
this term can be used when seeing a fat girl with a pot belly that resembles a sea-cow.
by RayraySav&&Emz August 15, 2009
a large bitter cow shaped women,usauly a manager of a restaurant,or some one who has access to corndogs,and fried foods,a vermont sea beast! that feeds herself with other peoples misery.
a very very LARGE women,who snacks on other peoples men!this sea cow just gobbled up my man!
by poopfinger420@yahoo.com February 26, 2011
Used to describe a fat woman (BBW).
Try a salad once in a while, you seacow.
by ast August 12, 2004
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