scunt is a variable of cunt with an 'S' word added

it is a good alternative for cunt as it has variable meanings
you are a scunt (smelly cunt)
you disgust me you scunt (scummy cunt)
by triffy October 31, 2010
a scottish cunt
Euan's scottish, he's even got a stupid scottish name. he's such a scunt
by wanglish *apparently* September 28, 2010
when somebody wants to call someone else a cunt but wants to add more meaning too it, you call them a scunt.
also a fish name.
your a fukin scunt mate.
by scuntos November 14, 2009
Skank + Cunt
I wanna smack that scunt in the face
by Seaks April 18, 2009
Something or Someone that acts in a retarded manor, Making you wanna Punch them in the Face.

From the other meanings of Stupid and Cunt.

Safe for use around People that have NO Fucking Clue.
You are a Scunt.
You Fucking Scunt.
Fuck off Scunt.

by Kerby_2099 May 25, 2008
worse than a cunt.a scabby cunt infact
bob:ya mums a cunt
dale:well your mums a scunt.booyah
by benny pies August 13, 2008
Scunt is a solid based vaginal cleanser that dries into a hardened shell. Removed with a hammer and pick, leaving the vagina smelling fresh and clean.
"Honey, your vagina smells awful, try a 5 gallon industrial sized scunt with a free aplicater brush"
by Bladezguy March 06, 2008

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