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worse than a cunt.a scabby cunt infact
bob:ya mums a cunt
dale:well your mums a scunt.booyah
by benny pies August 13, 2008
2 8
Scunt is a solid based vaginal cleanser that dries into a hardened shell. Removed with a hammer and pick, leaving the vagina smelling fresh and clean.
"Honey, your vagina smells awful, try a 5 gallon industrial sized scunt with a free aplicater brush"
by Bladezguy March 06, 2008
27 34
a person (usually a woman) who is a colossal bitch - a contraction for scummy cunt.
"Lola, stop being such a scunt."
by Bob "Bob Johnson" Johnson April 02, 2008
1 9
The 's' generally means 'SUPER' but can take on other meanings like: super-duper, super-8, second-rate, second-hand sex, shit-for-brains, stinky, sub-par, skyscraper, or short-shit. However the 's' never means: supercalifragilisticexpialidocius.
Don't touch that Social Service Worker, bitch, slut, scunt unless you want scabies, and vd to kill you within minutes.
by drexacto December 04, 2008
1 10
Skank and cunt combined.
"That girl Rachel is such a scunt!"
by Deaundra Hudgens May 02, 2008
5 14
Stupid Cunt
Out of the way scunt
by Sciolist January 31, 2003
27 39
Someone who is both Scum and a Cunt.
George Bush is a Scunt
by Terry T November 27, 2006
19 33