Scunt is a solid based vaginal cleanser that dries into a hardened shell. Removed with a hammer and pick, leaving the vagina smelling fresh and clean.
"Honey, your vagina smells awful, try a 5 gallon industrial sized scunt with a free aplicater brush"
by Bladezguy March 06, 2008
a person (usually a woman) who is a colossal bitch - a contraction for scummy cunt.
"Lola, stop being such a scunt."
by Bob "Bob Johnson" Johnson April 02, 2008
The 's' generally means 'SUPER' but can take on other meanings like: super-duper, super-8, second-rate, second-hand sex, shit-for-brains, stinky, sub-par, skyscraper, or short-shit. However the 's' never means: supercalifragilisticexpialidocius.
Don't touch that Social Service Worker, bitch, slut, scunt unless you want scabies, and vd to kill you within minutes.
by drexacto December 04, 2008
Skank and cunt combined.
"That girl Rachel is such a scunt!"
by Deaundra Hudgens May 02, 2008
Stupid Cunt
Out of the way scunt
by Sciolist January 31, 2003
Someone who is both Scum and a Cunt.
George Bush is a Scunt
by Terry T November 27, 2006
A cross between slut and cunt
Brent says that Christine is a scunt.
by Christine November 18, 2003

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