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the outer layer of your skin
bob:hey phill your epidermis is showing

by amado February 13, 2005
A word meaning "skin"
But many people take it the wrong way and look at their trousers....
"OH MY GOD, your epidermis is showing, cover it up now"
(Looks down at trousers)
by R,L,L,J February 14, 2005
The outer layer of your skin. Despite widespread belief, it is <i>not</i> part of a joke which would cause hilarity to thoroughly ensue.
Yes, my epidermis is showing, I know what epidermis means. Fuck you.
by iGoleh July 21, 2008
Skin, but most people think it's a small unimportant abdominal organ.
Person 1: Hey person 2, your epidermis is showing.

Person 2: The only thing that's showing is my skin.
Person 1: Exactly!
by TaylorHasRocks July 01, 2015
To be a lame jew. One who thinks everything sounds like Metallica.
What a Epidermis. He thought Weezer soundsed like Metallica.
by Easybaker September 19, 2007

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